Python beginner tutorial

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Dev-ops automation topics

DEVOPS Interview questions

Selenium Interview questions




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13 free self study mathematics-machine learning

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Log files Hyperion Essbase


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Java programming Introduction – 1st class

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Java Web Services – Job Description

Experience in coding in a Java-based environment.
Full development lifecycle experience.
Proven ability to innovate and work jointly with other team members.

Following skills are preferred:
Developing prototype for technology and UI evaluation processes.
Understanding of OS, Objected Oriented Design, and Design patterns.
Experience with Eclipse based IDE, SOAP, REST, SOA, and DB2 Stored Procedures.
Experience with advanced GUI development.
Experience in open source frameworks such as Spring, Struts, and Hibernate.

Experience with web technologies such as HTML, XML, JavaScript, JSON, AJAX, CSS, and PHP.
Experience working in enterprise software companies developing scalable applications.
Experience with Section 508 requirements.
Experience with Active Server Pages (ASP) is a plus.

Essential Qualifications

Willingness to learn and take on a multitude of new tasks.
Be a self-starter, self-motivated and self-directed.
Flexibility to work in a constantly changing environment.
Able to set and meet deliverable deadlines and estimates.

Bachelor’s Degree in CS, IS Engineering or other related technical or scientific discipline or equivalent work experience.

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Essbase ADMIN Guide

EAS Admin Guide

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ESSBASE Course Content


Business Intelligence
Data warehouse
Data mart
Business Requirement gathering
Star Schema Design
Snowflake Schema
Normalization Vs Renormalization
Data & Metadata
Dimensional Table
Fact Table
Factless table
Slowly changed Dimensions
Confirmed Dimensions


Hyperion Analytic Solutions
Hyperion Architecture
Hyperion Essbase Architecture
Hyperion Essbase Analytical Architecture
Hyperion Essbase Administration Server Architecture
Configuring Essbase Serve
Configuring Essbase Administration Console
Creating Essbase Analytic application and database
Explanation of Essbase components like Database Outline, calc script, Rule

File & report Script.
· Standard Dimensions
· Attribute Dimensions
· Dense & Sparse Dimensions
Dimension Properties
· Dimensions Type Properties
· Storage Properties

Member Properties
§ Consolidation Properties
§ Storage Properties

Time balance properties
Variance Expenses
Skip Options
Dynamic Time Series (DTS members)

Building Outline
· UsingManually
· Using rule file with dynamic dimension build methods
User Defined Attributes (UDA’S)
· Building manually, dynamic dimension build methods using rule file
Shared members
· Building manually, dynamic dimension build methods using rule file
Building Dimensions using Rule file with dynamic Dimension Build Methods
· Generation Reference
· Level Reference
· Parent/Child Reference
Loading Data into Outline With Rule (with real time Scenarios)
Loading Data into Outline Without Rule file (freedom Data Loading)

Types of Freeform data loading
· Loading data from excel
· Loading data using import from export data file
Explanation Excel Add-in recover
Building Reports with Excel Add-in
Creating Formulas with real time scenarios
Creating Calc Script (simple to Complex real Examples)
Building Reports with Report scripts
Batch process
Differences between BSO & ASO
Outline back & Recovery
Data Backup & Recovery
Creating Users / Groups
Creating Filters
Optimization Techniques
Outline Optimization
· Data load Optimization
· Calc Script Optimization
· Database optimization using Attribute dimensions
· Database optimization using Data settings.

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Hyperion Metadata Load

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Practice online for free (Linux, C++, Ruby, Python ) and many more (Linux)


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